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Saving Baby V

Just a few months short of her fourth birthday, Varvara, who also goes by the name Baby V, experienced major pains in her hands and feet. After her first doctors visit she was diagnosed with Anemia and immediately began her treatment. Months gone by and her situation only seemed to worsen. She soon became so week that she could no longer walk without holding someones hand. Her parents began seeking a second opinion, and then they finally got it: what was initially diagnosed as Anemia is actually Acute (lymphoblastic) Leukemia.

On February 22nd, Baby V and her family moved to a city named Gdansk in Poland; the closest place where treatment is readily available and more affordable than any other neighboring countries. Her family currently lives in a one bedroom apartment an hour away from the clinic. Her mother, a French translator and teacher, has fully committed her time to stay by her daughters side during the intensive treatments. Her father is looking for work in their new hometown as a photographer / videographer. 

Varvara spends most of her days at the hospital. She requires intense chemotherapy every couple of weeks and the most severe side effects have already shown: she developed diabetes and requires constant insulin boosters. Luckily, most in-hospital expenses are covered, but if outside living and medical expenses cannot be adhered for, Baby V won’t be able to stay in Poland for treatment much longer.

All of us at the Checkmate,Cancer! Team hope that you will find in your heart the longing to help this family in their testing times. 

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