The Survivorship Project

The Survivorship Project

Dear Friends, 

I decided to combine my favorite things in the world, travel & charity work, and am launching a new initiative called The Survivorship Project. Over the last year the following of my blog has grown and continues to grow at an incredible pace. As a result, I have the honor of working with many brands, especially in the travel & hospitality spaces. I have the ability to, and am eager to share some of my experiences with fellow cancer survivors. While I am still tirelessly working to dissect the logistics of this project long term, I am already in final talks with a few brands and am spearheading this opportunity by funding it through my jewelry business. In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, I will be donating all September profits from NULA Jewelry to pay for a “dream-come-true” trip for a cancer survivor. The funds will primarily be covering airfare, as that is the most difficult partnership to obtain and may take years to build with airlines. Depending on how this pilot program goes, I will continue doing ad hoc fundraisers like this one as well as other crowdfunding efforts. I thank you for your continuous support and invite you to shop for a piece of new jewelry while also supporting a wonderful cause! For more information please feel free to email me


Elona Karafin

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